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Child Brain Recovery Program

Our three-month Children’s Brain Recovery Program, (Ages 4-11) combines a baseline and three-month WAVI EEG tests in six cognitive areas to measure your ongoing brain performance.

We utilize brain stimulation, breath work, brain targeted nutrition, low-impact fitness, cognitive stimulation, Best in Class brain games, online access to community support and training, as well as our unique online coaching system to help your child improve their cognitive performance in all six areas and maximize your brain health.

For children (4-11) suffering from multiple diagnosed concussions.

BRI Program Children

If your child has been suffering from multiple diagnosed concussions, there’s hope. The Brain Recovery for Children system provides a carefully designed integrative approach tailored for children ages 4-11 supporting better brain health.

Our carefully designed program combines vibration massage therapy, best-in-class brain nourishing supplements, guided physical fitness and proven brain training exercises that provide an ideal system for promoting optimal brain health & wellness.

Specialist Consult

One of our Wellness Health Professionals will meet with you via video or phone conference to discuss the details of and how to get the most benefit from your child’s new Brain Wellness Program. They will also answer any questions you have and provide suggestions, tips and tools that can potentially help your child overcome the effects of post concussion syndrome.

EEG Brain Performance Scans powered by WAVI

An initial performance scan will be done at the beginning of the program to access and get a baseline of current brain performance. A follow-up scan will be done at a time determined by one of our Health Professionals to re-assess performance and effectiveness of your child’s recommended therapy. These scans can provide you and your child’s doctors with vital information for promoting optimal brain health and performance.

* Additional scans can be purchased at a special member rate.

Customized Brain Wellness Nutrition

One of our Wellness Health Professionals will access your child’s current diet and nutrient intake. They will work with you to develop a customized balanced nutrition program for your child, designed to help them get all the essential nutrients needed to promote daily optimal brain wellness and performance.

It’s time to start feeling better.

Schedule your initial consultation and discover how the Brain Recovery Intitute can help today!


After this many years – to feel good again…

When I started seeing the symptoms change – it was like a miracle!

Josh Guin  Professional Horse Trainer

About ready to give up…

My wife could tell I was more relaxed, not so combative.

David Howell  Retired Military

Brain Injury and Recovery Reviews

Customers Love Brain Recovery Institute

Nick P. Avatar
Nick P.
Attorney & Author
Brain Injury Survivor "I'm really glad I joined BRI and know it will be the foundation for continued growth and strength!"
Blake M. Avatar
Blake M.
College Athlete
Experienced Multiple Concussions “I have found instant relief and recovery through BRI system and continue to play the sport I love due to my positive progress”
Goodwin Avatar
Elite Athlete
Mulitiple Concussions “Do not let the pain control your life, BRI saved mine.”
David Avatar
Retired Army, Green Beret, Seven Tours
“I would recommend BRI for soldiers, police officers, and others dealing with the overwhelming feelings from late hours, intense situations and the need to decompress.”
Jeff Fisher Avatar
Jeff F.
Former NFL Coach and NCAA Player
Former NFL Coach of the Tennessee Titans and St. Louis Rams. Former Player for Chicago Bears and USC Trojans "The wellness program helps support the brain challenges, enhancing overall wellness."
Jason G. Avatar
Jason G.
Injured in a biking accident. After six years of other treatments and therapies, he tried the BRI program and said his balance, vision, mental clarity and focus substantially improved.

His wife, Mary said, “I finally have my husband back.”