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An integrated approach to brain health performance
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Brain Injury

Have you been recently diagnosed with a concussion? There’s hope.

Our programs aren’t simple overnight fixes. They combine brain stimulation, breath work, brain targeted nutrition, low-impact fitness, cognitive stimulation using the latest in brain games, online access to community support and training, as well as our unique online coaching system to help you stay on track throughout the length of the program.

It consists of the 4 Pillars of Brain Health

1. Brain Stimulation and Breath-work
2. Nutrition and Hydration
3. Physical Exercise and Blood flow to the brain
4. Brain Games and Cognitive Testing.

Your Brain Health Shouldn’t Be a Mystery.

Your doctor can tell you your heart rate, white blood cell count, and a thousand other metrics, but when do you get critical information about the health of your brain? We believe people should have information and tools for a healthier brain. We do this by offering a comprehensive suite of tools, technologies, and programs for adults and children in good health and in recovery.

The Brain Recovery Institute Team


We’ve assembled a team of some of the world’s foremost experts in nutrition, fitness, brain science and wellness to create one-of-a-kind programs that are revolutionizing how brain health and wellness is viewed.